We BNH Gas Tanks are manufacture of CNG Storage Tanks of various capacities ranging from 500 Liters to 500,000 Liters in horizontal and vertical tanks. The tanks are designed to store gas at high pressure and provided with safety valves and bursting disc for additional safety. We also manufacturer of CNG Tanker and CNG Tube trailers for CNG transportation. Our tanks and protective covers are tested following the same regulatory protocols and federal safety standards that automotive companies use, including durability and crash testing after being installed on the vehicle.


CNG is natural gas (NG) compressed for the purpose of simplified transport and storage.


  1. CNG TUBE TRAILERS:  We manufacture CNG Tube trailers for transportation of CNG gas at high pressure. The equipments consists of high pressure alloy tubes with manifold, interconnected pipeline, safety valves, etc
  2. CNG CASCADES: We manufacture CNG Cascades for storage and transportation of CNG gas at high pressure. The equipments consist of high pressure alloy tubes with manifold, interconnected pipeline, safety valves, etc bundled in a rigid iron frame for safe transportation.
  3. CNG TRANSPORT TANKS :  We manufacture CNG Transport tanks which are designed for relatively low pressure between 30 to 50 bar and provided with trailer for effective transportation of large volumes of CNG gas at relatively low pressure, thereby making it more safer as compared to above two systems, This system is more cost effective and has good after sale value as well as the tanks can be used for several other purposes in future for transportation of other gases .
  4. CNG PIPELINE :  This is relatively used for bulk transportation of very large volumes of CNG gas especially from refineries to cities and mother gas stations and daughter plant, This system is very costly as compared to the above three ways . A high pressure pipeline covered with poly ethylene coating is layed underground and is used for CNG gas transfers in large volumes. We undertake complete design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, laying and erection of complete pipeline on turnkey basis .

According to technical data we manufacturer our tanks and design by following:

Cylinder Quantity
Working Pressure
Working Temperature
Steel Type
Total and Loading Weight
Water Volume
Trailer Dimension

Technical Specification:

Design Code: Good Engineering Practice and other international standards
Design Pressure: Ambient
Design Temperature: Ambient
Volume: 100Nm3 to 500000 Nm3 @ NTP
Large volumes can be stored as required by customer.


CNG is widely used in CNG storage, transportation,
Power generating plant or other industrial fields.
Besides of CNG, our jumbo cylinder skid/trailer also apply to storage and
Transportation of hydrogen, helium, purified gas and etc.

Production & Quality control

We apply advanced production management and quality control system, to guarantee the high quality and no flaws of products.

Features of high-pressure jumbo gas cylinder:

1. Close-spinning technology applied, seamless structure, and reliable forsafety operation.
2. Large-size structure, fewer valves, tubes and joints, and less gas leakage.
3. Cleanness in design and structure, and less maintenance on site.
4. Easily discharging of residue liquid.
5. Equipped with branch-tubes and accessories, easy for operation & maintenance.
6. Lower weight of whole vehicle, reducing of tractor work and investment.
7. Add additional gas-filling devices, directly providing natural gas for trailers.


1. Validate technologies or methods that will reduce the cost.
2. Increase safety in composite over-wrapped compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel tanks for light duty vehicles.
3. Excellent quality and quantity.


What is the difference between CNG and Natural Gas?

Natural gas is gas which is found underground or under the sea. It is collected and stored, and piped into people's homes to be used for cooking and heating.
CNG is made by compressing natural gas (which is mainly composed of methane [CH4]), to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. It is stored and distributed in hard containers at a pressure of 200–248 bar, usually in cylindrical or spherical shapes.

How CNG is one of the safest transportation fuels?

We can’t split energy. CNG is lighter than air; a fuel leak would dissolve rather than pool like diesel or gas. Tanks are completely encased in engineered, filament-wound glass/carbon fiber, providing extreme strength and less weight than traditional steel tanks. Our tanks and protective covers are tested following the same regulatory protocols and federal safety standards that automotive companies use, including durability and crash testing after being installed on the vehicle.

Though hundreds of times stronger than gasoline or diesel fuel tanks, our tanks also have a manual shut-off and a pressure release valve - another way to safely manage the control of tank contents.

What are the advantages of CNG Gas?

Compressed natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel operating today. This means less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life. CNG produce the fewest emissions of any motor fuel.

Dedicated Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) has little or no emissions during fueling. In gasoline vehicles, fueling emissions account for at least 50% of a vehicle's total hydrocarbon emissions.

CNG produces significantly less pollutants than gasoline. Tailpipe emissions from gasoline operated cars release carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. This is greatly reduced with natural gas. In metros CNG is used as a green fuel to reduce pollution.

CNG storage tanks:

We manufacture CNG storage tanks for storage of Compressed natural gas which is used in large volumes for power generation using gas turbines, We provide complete turnkey solution for complete design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of complete CNG storage system with related pipeline, accessories, gas turbines, power generation and distribution equipments etc on turnkey basis.



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